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Welcome Back, Lex: Adding Spark to DKCU's Lineup

Hey DKCU fans, brace yourselves for the triumphant return of the versatile Alexis Bolger, affectionately known as Lex, Hassa, or Bolger, as she rejoins the squad for another exciting season! 🟢💛

Position: Anywhere but goalie and outside back lol

Hometown: Carol Stream, IL

College: University of Wisconsin-Parkside (Graduated)

Social Media: Insta: @alexisbolger Twitter: @alexisbolger1 Snapchat: @alexisbolger11 Tiktok: @alexis_bolger

Lex, the Swiss Army knife of the team, is back to bring her unique talents and infectious energy to every match. But what's the story behind Lex when she's not dominating the pitch? Let's dive into some fun facts and intriguing insights about our returning star!

Why DKCU? "I love the atmosphere, everyone is super positive, get to meet so many talented ladies, and get to compete with the best team!" - Lex's love for the game and the supportive team environment make DKCU the perfect fit for her!

Dream Destination: Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob) – Lex's playful spirit and love for adventure make SpongeBob's underwater world the perfect fantasy destination! 🍍🌊

Pet Peeve: Chewing with mouth open – Lex can't stand it when she can't hear her own thoughts over the smacking sounds!

Go-To Groove: Taytay Swift or Tate McRae – When in doubt, Lex turns up the tunes of Taylor Swift or Tate McRae to get in the zone!

Dream Dinner Party Guests: Lindsey Horan, Vivianne Miedema – Lex's dream dinner party includes some soccer superstars, ensuring a night of lively conversation and laughter!

Spirit Animal: "A giraffe" – Lex identifies with the graceful giraffe, with its long neck and love for leaves!

Tough Choice: Skin That Changes Color – Lex's emotions shine through her vibrant personality!

One Food For Life: TACOS – Lex's love for tacos knows no bounds – it's a taco fiesta for every meal!

Team Jester: Who's the funniest player on the team? Lex might pick Sarah, with whom she shares endless laughs and friendly banter!

Celebrity Crushes: Renee Rap and Tom Holland – Lex's got an eye for talented performers like Renee Rap and the charming Tom Holland!

Punctuality Check: Early – Lex's punctuality ensures she's always ready to hit the ground running!

Karaoke Anthem: Taylor Swift's All Too Well (10 Minute Version Taylor’s Version) – Lex knows every word of this Taylor Swift classic and isn't afraid to belt it out at karaoke night!

Furry Friends: Cat – Lex's love for feline companions makes her a cat person through and through!

Superpower Fantasy: Telekinesis – Lex dreams of effortlessly moving objects with her mind, ensuring perfect plays on the field!

Alternate Sport: Hockey – Lex's athleticism and competitive spirit would make her a force to be reckoned with on the ice!

Invisible Adventures: With her mischievous streak, Lex would spend her invisible day scaring her friends and teammates by pretending to be a ghost – classic Lex humor!

Lex's return adds versatility and flair to DKCU's lineup, and we can't wait to see her shine once again! Let's show her the love and support she deserves as she continues to dazzle on and off the field! 🔥⚽ #WelcomeBackLex #DKCUFamily


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