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Information and documents to include in a startup pack for people thinking about starting up their own not-for-proft, community focused, volunteer-run minor league soccer club.

  • Overview of starting a non-profit organization - How to establish a non-profit, apply for tax-exempt status, create bylaws, form a board of directors, etc.

  • Business plan - Outline the club's mission, objectives, target market, operations plan, financial projections, etc. Important for planning and securing funding.

  • Organizational structure - Recommended leadership roles and responsibilities. Consider a volunteer Board of Directors, Executive Director, soccer operations roles, committees, etc.

  • Budget/funding - Projections for startup costs and ongoing operating expenses, along with possible funding sources (membership fees, sponsorships, donations, grants, etc.).

  • Facilities/equipment needs - Details on securing fields, goals, training equipment, storage, etc. and estimated costs.

  • Risk management - Waiver forms, insurance considerations, emergency protocols, etc. to limit liability.

  • Volunteering information - Overview of typical volunteer roles needed. Tips for recruiting and managing volunteers.

  • Marketing/promotions plan - Strategies for getting the word out, engaging the community, growing membership.

  • Bylaws/policies - Sample bylaws and board policies to adapt.

  • Legal/regulatory issues - Licensing, permits, tax requirements and other regulations to be aware of.

  • League/governing body information - Summary of requirements and processes for joining an affiliated league/association.

  • Additional resources - Articles, guides, and sample documents to reference. Local contacts who can provide guidance.

The startup pack should provide an overview of key information and helpful resources to guide people through major steps in planning and establishing an amateur soccer club as a community-based non-profit organization.

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