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USASA Region II Tournament of Champions

As State Champions our Ladies team is obviously taking part in the Tournament of Champions. In addition, because of the devilishly good looks of our supporter base, our men's reserves and first teams have also been invited. Which means we basically will own the joint this weekend.

The Tournament of Champions, hosted in Aurora, IL in July 2022, is the regional championship tournament for top men's and women's amateur soccer teams from all of USASA Region 2 (13 states shown below.) The winner of the Regional Championship is invited to the National Tournament in August against winners of the other three regions across the United States.

U23 will have a round-robin tournament with 6 teams. Every team plays vs every other team. Winner with highest points is Champion.

The Men's tournament will have 3 groups with 10 teams total. The groups 2 and 3 teams will play against the other group to ensure everyone plays the same number of games. Our group has 4 teams and they will play everyone else in their own group. The top 2 teams from this group will advance to the semi-finals on the Sunday, together with the top team only from groups 2 and 3.

And the women go in to a straight shoot out against, yes, Rockford Raptors. of course Rockford Raptors.

Champions of the Region II Tournament of Champions will be invited to compete in the Champions of Regions at the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex in Murfreesboro, Tennessee August 19-21.

More info may be found via United States Adult Soccer Association


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