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The Booth Brothers' Football Blog

Greetings, United fans! Your press box crew, public address announcer, Nik Myles, and livestream commentator, Brien Martin, here with you as we begin a new feature here at the Green and Black Blog ... we're the Booth Brothers ... a cheap, imitation, knock-off of the Men In Blazers, so you know how unbelievably awful this blog is going to be!

We'll have an armchair discussion of all things football ... our likes, dislikes, anaylsis of the game, ideas we'd have if we were the God of Soccer for one day, our involvement with the sport down the years, pretty much anything football. We hope you'll like it, and that you'll get involved by commenting wherever appropriate.

So, with the Champions League Final coming up on Saturday ...

... I would be remiss if I didn't remind you all that DKCU and Fatty's are hosting a Champions League Watch Party on Saturday from 2-5 PM ... food, fans, football, and the foamy stuff ... namely, our own club brew, 815 Brewnited ... ask for it by name ...

... it's my beloved Tottenham Hotspur against Liverpool for the championship of Europe, and let me tell you, folks, though I enjoyed my Eagles winning the Super Bowl in 2018, a Spurs win on Saturday would be absolutely incredible!! Might even wear out my voice if we pull this off.

I'll have some analysis of the match coming up soon, but my question back to Nik, is this ... can you give the fans here in the States an understanding of what something like the Champions League final means to football fans in Europe? I don't think people here get that this is *more* than the Super Bowl is here in America ...


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