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New Club Partner Announced

Dekalb County United are delighted to announce a new partnership with Realize Athletics Sports Performance & Injury Prevention Training

Based at 303 E State St in Sycamore, Realize Athletics is all about the athlete. They work on building mental toughness and getting all individuals ready for the adversity they WILL face in the game of life.

Open to all ages, they offer classes and bespoke sessions to all, from school-age to those significantly older. All are welcome!

As part of the deal, owner Troy Talaga has generously offered use of a room in the building as DKCUs first ever off-site headquarters! Some lucky fans were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of this brave new dawn during our grand march decluttering event last week. But going forward our hope is to use the space with enough regularity that you will be able to know when we're there (we do all have full time jobs that sometimes want us doing full-time work, annoyingly)

Check out Realize on Facebook and Insta


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