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Meet Molly Hughes: DKCU's Newest Midfield Maestro

Hey DKCU fans! We've got some exciting news to share – let's give a warm welcome to our latest signing, Molly Hughes! 🎉

#18 Molly Hughes

Position: Center Midfielder

Hometown: Rockton, IL

College: Illinois State University

Social Media: Insta:

Twitter: @Molly_Hughes10

Molly brings her A-game to the midfield, with her slick skills and tactical prowess set to dazzle on the field. But what makes Molly tick off the pitch? Let's dive into some fun facts and quirky questions to get to know her better!


"I love the atmosphere and the competitive environment." - Molly's ready to embrace the DKCU spirit and make an impact both on and off the field.

Dream Destination:

Hogwarts – Molly's got that magical spirit! 🪄✨

Pet Peeve:

Biting their nails – Looks like Molly's got a keen eye for those little habits!

Go-To Jam:

Taylor Swift – A true Swiftie in our midst!

Dream Dinner Party Guests:

Lionel Messi, Ryan Gosling, Taylor Swift – Now that's a star-studded lineup!

Spirit Animal:

"A panda bear because" – Molly's got that chill vibe, but don't let it fool you – she's fierce on the field!

Tough Choice:

Skin That Changes Color – Molly's emotions are her canvas!

One Food For Life:

Canes – Looks like Molly's got a taste for some finger-lickin' goodness!

Team Comedian:

Who's the funniest player on the team? We'll have to ask Molly – she's got the inside scoop!

Celebrity Crushes:

Messi's got some competition – looks like Ryan Gosling and Taylor Swift have caught Molly's eye too!

Punctuality Check:

Early – Molly's never one to keep the crowd waiting!

Karaoke Anthem:

To meet Messi – Molly's got some serious goals on and off the field!

Furry Friends:

Dog – Looks like Molly's a loyal companion kind of gal!

Superpower Fantasy:

Flying – Molly's got her sights set high, literally!

Alternate Sport:

Golf – Who knew Molly had a swing as smooth as her passes?

Invisible Adventures:

Go shopping ;) – Invisible or not, Molly's got a knack for finding the best deals!

Three Wishes:

To meet Messi – Looks like Molly's got her priorities straight – who wouldn't want to meet the legend himself?

Get ready, DKCU fans – Molly Hughes is here to make her mark, both on and off the field! Let's show her some love and support as she embarks on this exciting journey with us! 🚀💙 #DKCUnited #WelcomeMolly


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