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Fan Base Join with Dekalb County United to Release First Club App Stateside

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to our friends at Fan Base, you can now stay in touch with all things Dekalb County through our exciting new app, which will also help the club as it continues to place a focus on fan engagement going forward!

Fans of DKCU will now have access to digital ticketing for fixtures and events, memberships, content, hospitality and more within the branded Fanbase app available on mobile device or desktop. Bringing all this into one place significantly improves the fan experience, removing the need for multiple logins and having to interact across different websites when engaging with the club.

Fanbase will give club officials a tool to manage all of the above in one place, not only bringing costs down but saving essential time spent on admin tasks such as managing memberships and organizing tickets. Allowing a focus to be placed on other tasks that can bring in additional revenue into the club.

John Hall, DKCU President said "We're thrilled to partner with Fanbase to bring a next level experience to our supporters. As we unfold the new features we'll be bringing awesome content and offers right to your phone. Thanks to the team at Fanbase and with our media team for putting this together. We're happy to be the first USA based club on board!"

Fanbase CEO Alasdair Crawley added  “These guys are switched on and have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a brand and build a community around sport. Our role here is to harness the data they have and utilise features of Fanbase to aid the growth of DeKalb for the next phase of the soccer team

You can download the app by following the links below


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