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DeKalb County United Soccer Club will join a new regional league for the 2020 season. The Midwest Premier League (MWPL) begins play in the spring of 2020 with teams from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

After spending two seasons with the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) the club has decided to make the switch to a regional alignment. Club President John Hall explained the decision.

“After evaluation of our options in terms of league affiliation, we concluded that the opportunity to join a regional league is the best fit for DKCU at this time. It will help us improve off-field relationships with other clubs within our region, reduce costs incurred by our club through league fees and travel expenses, create a better season schedule, increase awareness for our players through strong league marketing and help us create a better experience for our supporters. Through the MWPL each club will have a direct say in league matters, expansion and rules.
Through the MWPL we’re going to be able to play top caliber amateur opponents with decades of history, and create some great rivalries through the next several years. Most importantly for DKCU, we are taking a step toward long term sustainability with this decision, and it will better allow us to accomplish our goals within our community.
We value our experience with the UPSL and would like to thank Yan, Dennis, Carlos and everyone involved for the opportunity to give lower league soccer a chance in DeKalb County. We’re looking forward to the next step for our club.”

Dekalb County United is a volunteer managed, non profit club. All operational expenses are covered through sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandise, and soccer events such as camps and tournaments. For more information please email

DKCU are waiting patiently to mount a winning run on the Illinois State Cup. Following that we will undoubtedly become National Amateur Champions, before winning Olympic gold in the four-man bob, discovering culture in Pittsburgh, and finally securing our place as the finest thing to come out of DeKalb since barbed wire. Better even than Cindy Crawford.

We will forever remain unbeaten in the fine(ish) state of Iowa.


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