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Dekalb County United Announces Partnership with local youth clubs

Dekalb County Jan 25 2022 — Dekalb County United Soccer Club and KVSC (Kishwaukee Valley Soccer Club and NIFC (Northern Illinois Football Club announced on Tuesday that they will be creating a new youth academy to provide access to top class coaching and facilities to youth players across the county.

The Dekalb County United Academy is designed to provide support and collaboration to youth soccer players throughout the county and further afield. The academy utilizes the support of the DKCU adult club structure while maintaining a local focus that meets the needs of all youth players in the community. Created with the goal of leading the evolution of youth soccer, the partnership strives to provide a system where all parties cooperatively build an environment and culture in which all members thrive.

By coming together under the umbrella of Dekalb County United there will now be a clear pathway for the local youth soccer community to reach the highest levels of soccer. As part of the Midwest Premier League, Dekalb County United is part of a national pyramid that provides access to professional clubs. We will provide access to opportunities for enhancing our shared soccer experience while growing the passion for playing and viewing soccer to unprecedented levels.

The Academy will work to create a soccer community where the focus is on the best interests of the participants. Promoting and establishing a positive soccer experience ensures athletes, coaches, families, and other support groups interact in a cohesive manner to promote on and off field player success.

“Developing love for the game of soccer starts at a young age for many,” said John Hall, President of Dekalb County United Soccer Club. “It is that excitement that provides players with the drive to be successful at the highest levels and through the creation of the DKCU Academy we will collectively promote the sport of soccer, provide service to our community and develop soccer players who can achieve their goals on and off the field. Whether their goals are to be successful in high school, college, the DeKalb County United adult programs or beyond. We’re excited for this next chapter as a club and we welcome the entire community to join us in building something that represents us all through courage, pride, service and integrity.”

Mike Wittrup of Kishwaukee Valley Soccer Club said , “The DKCU Academy presents a new level of professionalism, player development, and competitive playing opportunities that have never been seen in the area before. The bar has been raised. This is the start of something big.

Dan Carl of Northern Illinois Football Club said, “Being involved with youth club soccer in this area for many years, I’m excited about the creation of the DKCU Academy. Aligning together to provide a more comprehensive program for the youth of our community makes perfect sense. The Academy comes at an important time and we can hardly wait to get started.”

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