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Alt-text descriptions to be used across DKCU social media

Following feedback from a supporter who is registered blind, going forward Dekalb County will now be using a facility called alt text on twitter and Instagram posts wherever possible.

Alt text provides an audio description of an image or gif, and the description is read out to blind or partially sighted people who use a screen reader on their phones, tablets and computers. This enables them to understand and appreciate social media posts which have visual content and contribute to discussions without the fear of not understanding what the conversation is about.

Marketing Director Nik Myles said “As a Club we are always looking at practical ways we can make what we do more accessible to people who might have different needs.

"At a time when fans can’t come to the match and therefore online content has taken on much more importance, this is a simple change to implement which we hope will enable our blind and partially sighted supporters to feel fully involved.”


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