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A Chance At A Title

This weekend DeKalb County United could be hoisting our first ever trophy. Wow...I can hardly type. It’s almost surreal. It’s humbling, it’s hard to even believe.

On Saturday we will compete in the Lower League Soccer Championship against FC Buffalo.

The Twitter-based tournament consisted of 64 of the top clubs across the country and we’ve battled through five rounds to get here.

I’m proud of the resilience we’ve seen from our DeKalb County United roster, staff and supporter community from across the country. Our dear friends in Atlanta, GA have come up huge for us while our local contingent has helped us over the line in each round. Some of our newest players have been vocal online and the staff has been over the top relentless in promoting DKCU in this tournament. But we’re not done yet...and the journey to the top will be hard fought.

Our opponents are club based in Western New York with over 7300 followers on Twitter. That’s more than five times that we have, but market size may not be a factor.

En route to the final, we’ve knocked off teams from Detroit, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and in the final four it was Great White Buffalo, another New York State side. We can certainly overcome again.

We will need the support of all Midwestern clubs to bring home this championship. We’ll need all Midwest Premier League sides to join our fight. We’ll need Atlanta United to act in accordance with Happy Joe. We’ll need the Flock, Section 8, and even you, Michigan. We’ll need supporters groups near and far to support the Corn. We’ll need maximum effort start to finish on Saturday. And I think we’ll get it.

The nerves are starting to build up, still 24 hours to the start of the contest. But we’re ready.

So log into to twitter on Saturday, follow DeKalb County United, vote, and tag a friend. Let’s make this our greatest online moment in club history. Together, we can be champions. #DKCU #UNITED #MORETHANASOCCERCLUB


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