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Welcome back Bekah Nielsen: Guardian of DKCU's Goal

Hey DKCU fans, brace yourselves for the triumphant return of our stalwart goalkeeper, Bekah Nielsen, as she reclaims her spot between the posts! 🥅⚽

Position: Goalkeeper

Hometown: Normal, IL

College: Lewis University

Social Media: Insta: bek.nielsen

Bekah, the steadfast guardian of DKCU's goal, is back and ready to thwart any shot that comes her way. But what's the story behind Bekah when she's not diving to make saves? Let's uncover some fun facts and intriguing insights about our returning shot-stopper!


"Great coaching, great competition, great teammates" - Bekah's dedication to excellence and the camaraderie of the team make DKCU the perfect fit for her!

Dream Destination:

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory – Bekah's got a sweet tooth and an adventurous spirit ready to explore a world of confectionery delights! 🍫🍭

Pet Peeve:

Burping – Bekah's got a keen ear for manners!

Go-To Groove:

Dua Lipa – When the beats drop, Bekah's ready to groove to Dua Lipa's tunes!

Dream Dinner Party Guests:

Rose Lavelle, Dua Lipa, Serena Williams – Bekah's got her sights set on some sports and music icons – now that's a dinner party for the ages!

Spirit Animal:

"A dog" – Bekah's got that loyal and protective spirit, always ready to defend her turf!

Tough Choice:

Skin That Changes Color – Bekah wears her emotions on her sleeve, or rather, on her skin!

One Food For Life:

Waffles – Bekah's got a taste for some crispy, fluffy goodness!

Team Jester:

Who's the funniest player on the team? Bekah might have a joke or two up her sleeve – she's full of surprises!

Celebrity Crushes:

N/A – Bekah's got her focus on the game, but who knows what the future holds?

Punctuality Check:

Early – Bekah's always ahead of the game, ready to take charge!

Karaoke Anthem:

N/A – Looks like Bekah prefers to let her saves do the talking on the field!

Furry Friends:

Dog – Looks like Bekah's a loyal companion kind of gal!

Superpower Fantasy:

Flying – Bekah's got that sky-high ambition, ready to soar above the competition!

Alternate Sport:

Basketball, Volleyball, Softball – Bekah's got skills and versatility across multiple sports!

Invisible Adventures:

With her love for sports and a competitive edge, Bekah's invisible day out would surely involve dominating the courts or fields!

Bekah's return fortifies DKCU's defense, and we can't wait to see her stand tall in goal once again! Let's show her the love and support she deserves as she continues to guard our goal with pride! 🧤⚽ #WelcomeBackBekah #DKCUFamily


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