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The Best Seat In The House

Eric Saubert writes.

Picture this…

It's game day. It’s your turn to make a difference during today’s match, you know you will.

About 20 minutes before the game, you and your teammates wear your DKCU uniform for the day and walk through the gates toward the pitch. You take in the crowd and listen to another heartfelt rendition of our National Anthem. Your heart is beating rapidly as you await the coin toss and subsequent kickoff. Will you be ready when your time comes? Will you have a chance to handle the ball during the match? Its time.

The ball comes flying toward you, just over your head. Your favorite Green motions to you for the ball, you pass it in so that he can take the DKCU throw-in that leads to the buildup of our goal scoring offensive attack. Yes! That attack started you, one of the ball kids for today’s home match.

This is the view from the best seat in the house.

This my friends is the life of a DKCU ball kid, literally the next best position to playing on the actual pitch. There aren’t many clubs that go the extra mile of having Youth Partnerships or ball kids for that matter, but our club does.

When you speak with the ball kids about their experience, they share a variety of views on this privileged experience.

“I like watching the game from the sidelines, hearing what the players say to each and being with my teammates” Ryan V.

“I like watching them play and trying to figure out their moves…they don’t even have to talk to know how to play as a team” Xander K.

“It is a fun experience to be with others who love soccer too. I like feeling like part of the team” Matthew K.

“I like to watch the game live and helping to give the players the balls…and taking pictures” Julian H.

The opportunity to serve the club, their club, is an amazing experience for these and other youth players in our community. This is experience is what being united through soccer looks like in its rawest form. Two players at different ends of their careers exchange a second or two in the passing of the ball.

To all of our DKCU ball kids, thank you for keeping the games moving. We Are DKCU!!

At the next match stop any volunteer to discuss ball kid volunteer opportunities.


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