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Mental Health Partnership for DKCU players and staff

DeKalb County United is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with Action Consulting and Therapy, LLC.

ACT provides services and education to address mental health. Through this collaboration, ACT will offer consultations to DKCU players and staff.

Club President John Hall said, "This is a unique opportunity for our players and staff to have access to a resource that can address mental health. Not just in soccer, but in life, mental health is something that we are often too shy or afraid to speak about publicly. Now we have a partner that we can have those conversations privately. For those who may be struggling or just want to talk to someone this will be a platform for them to get real support. I'm thrilled to have ACT working with the club as we continue to adjust to the way life and the world has changed in the last year."

Sarah Lloyd of ACT commented, "Action Consulting and Therapy, LLC is thrilled to team up with DeKalb County United for a unique and innovative partnership between a semi-professional soccer organization and a mental health and wellness practice. We are excited to work with DKCU members to help them achieve their goals and gain a mental edge on the field and in life. We are looking forward to all of the opportunities ahead of us with DKCU in 2021! I can't hear you!"

To learn more about Action Consulting and Therapy visit


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