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Listen With Your Ears

Last week we recorded our first podcast. We got the technical stuff to work after some messing around and we think the response has been positive. But why podcast?

As we said in the first episode...our target audience is those running community clubs across the country. We'd love to see a club in every town, city and village but we won't get there as nation unless we work together.

To be clear, DeKalb County United is not the best example at this level. Our story is not the only way to build a club from scratch. We're simply sharing how we got here so that others can learn from our successes and our mistakes!

In this series we're going to talk about our club and highlight topics such as business models, sponsorships, merchandise, player/team set up, coaching, finding volunteers, impacting the community and supporter engagement. We'll be welcoming other clubs on the podcast to tell their stories and hopefully when it's all said and done more individuals and groups have the knowledge to start their own club and keep it growing for the long term.

We'll also touch on US soccer as a whole, experiences from England that Nik can share, Pro/Rel, youth soccer, college soccer and anything else that comes up.

We hope you enjoy this candid informal and barely professional series. Check it out HERE or search for it wherever you usually get your podcasts. Feel free to give us your feedback or ideas. Thanks so much!

John Hall

DeKalb County United



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