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Meet Jaden "Silk Monkey" Peck: DKCU's Dynamic Forward

Updated: May 14

Today, we're thrilled to re-introduce you to one of DKCU's dynamic players, Jaden "Silk Monkey" Peck. Hailing from Sycamore, Jaden brings her passion and talent to the forefront for a second season

Name: Jaden Peck

Nickname: Silk Monkey

Position: Forward

Hometown: Sycamore, Illinois

School/College: Junior at Western Michigan University

Let's dive deeper into Jaden's world beyond the soccer pitch and discover the person behind the player!

Social Media:

- Instagram: @jadenpeck_

- Twitter: @jadenpeck2

- Snapchat: jadenpeck

- TikTok: silk_monkey


This is my second year doing DKCU. I chose to come back because the atmosphere the coaches, my teammates, and the fans created made it enjoyable to be at every day.

Fun Facts About Jaden

Musical Tastes: Jaden turns to Zach Bryan when she needs a musical pick-me-up.

Dream Dinner Party Guests: Liam Hemsworth and Blake Lively

Spirit Animal: Jaden's spirit animal changes color, reflecting her dynamic personality.

Skin or Tattoos: Jaden would rather have skin that changes color based on her emotions.

Desert Island Food: Potatoes—versatile and delicious!

Celebrity Crush: Liam Hemsworth and Blake Lively

Punctuality: Jaden is an early bird, always ready to seize the day!

Karaoke Anthem: "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift

Pet Preference: Jaden is a proud dog person, finding joy in the loyal companionship of our furry friends.

Superpower of Choice: If she could have one superpower, Jaden would choose the ability to try gymnastics, inspired by the insane athleticism of gymnasts.

Alternate Sports: If not for soccer, Jaden would love to try gymnastics, despite her current lack of cartwheel skills.

Invisibility Adventure: If she were invisible for a day, Jaden would likely continue to enjoy her everyday activities, maybe with a bit of mischief thrown in!

Jaden "Silk Monkey" Peck is more than just a soccer star—he's a dynamic forward with a passion for the game and a heart of gold. With her dedication to the team and her infectious enthusiasm, Jaden brings a unique energy to DKCU that simply can't be ignored. So, next time you're cheering on our team, be sure to give a shoutout to Jaden—our dynamic forward who's always ready to light up the pitch with style and finesse! ⚽🌟 #MeetTheTeam #DKCU #DynamicForward


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