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Meet Zoe "Zo" Paxton: DKCU's Defensive Dynamo

Hey there, soccer enthusiasts! Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to one of DKCU's defensive powerhouses, Zoe "Zo" Paxton.

Hailing from the charming town of Zion, Illinois, Zoe brings her fierce determination and unwavering commitment to the pitch as a center-back for our beloved team. With a soccer journey as compelling as hers, it's no wonder Zoe is quickly becoming a fan favorite and a force to be reckoned with on the field.

A Glimpse into Zoe's World

The Basics:

Name: Zoe Paxton

Nicknames: Zo

Position: Center back

Hometown: Zion, Illinois

School/College: Northern Illinois University

Let's dive into Zoe's world beyond the soccer field and get to know the person behind the player!

Social Media:

Stay connected with Zoe and follow her journey both on and off the pitch!

Instagram: @Zoeee.paxton

TikTok: Zoepaxton1650

Zoe shares snippets of her life, giving fans a glimpse into her training regime, pre-game rituals, and the fun moments in between. Whether it's a stunning game-day photo or a silly TikTok dance, Zoe keeps it real and relatable.

Team(s) Supported:

Disappointingly, Zoe is a die-hard Manchester United fan. Her love for the team is evident, often referencing their strategies and legacies as sources of her inspiration. It's this passion for soccer on a global scale that informs her game strategy and fuels her aspirations.


"Close to my apartment and with my teammates."

Choosing DKCU was a no-brainer for Zoe. The proximity to her living space and the bond she shares with her teammates made the decision easy. It's clear that for Zoe, soccer is as much about camaraderie and connections as it is about the game itself.

Fun Facts About Zoe:

Dream Destination: Narnia

Zoe's imagination and sense of adventure know no bounds, with Narnia topping her list of dream destinations. This whimsical choice reflects her love for exploration and the magical experiences life has to offer.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

"Smacking their lips when they chew."

We all have our little annoyances, and Zoe is no exception. It's a reminder that despite her extraordinary abilities on the field, she's just like us in many ways.

Musical Tastes:

Whether she's gearing up for a game or just chilling at home, Zoe turns to the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Kanye West for her musical fix. Her diverse taste reflects her dynamic personality and approach to life.

Dream Dinner Party Guests:

"Jesus, Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln"

Imagine the conversations at this dinner party! Zoe's selection of guests speaks volumes about her interests in spirituality, sports excellence, and historical impact.

Spirit Animal: A black lab

Zoe embodies energy and kindness, much like a black lab. This comparison is a testament to her approachable and upbeat nature.

Tattoos or Skin:

Zoe would rather have tattoos appear all over her body, depicting her daily adventures. It's an artistic and permanent way to capture the essence of her experiences.

Desert Island Food: Chicken

Simple, delicious, and versatile, chicken is Zoe's go-to choice. It's a practical and telling preference, showcasing her straightforward approach to life and its many challenges.

Celebrity Crushes:

Guy: Riley Green

Girl: Lainey Wilson

Zoe's celebrity crushes reflect her multifaceted interests, from music to the charisma those stars bring into their professions.


Zoe is an early bird, always ready to seize the day! Her punctuality is a crucial trait, especially in the disciplined world of professional sports.

Karaoke Anthem:

"You Never Even Called Me By My Name" by David Allen Coe

Just picture Zoe belting out this tune! It's a fun insight into her off-field personality and showcases her ability to have fun and let loose.

Pet Preference:

Zoe is undoubtedly a dog person, sharing a soft spot for the loyal companions that match her approachable and loyal nature.

Superpower of Choice: Flight

Zoe dreams of exploring the world, experiencing new adventures, and the freedom that comes with flying. It's a superpower that mirrors her dynamic and exploratory spirit.

Alternate Sports:

If not for soccer, Zoe would likely excel on the hockey rink or volleyball court. Her athletic prowess and competitive spirit would shine, regardless of the arena.

Invisibility Adventure:

If she were invisible for a day, Zoe would sneak into a candy factory and indulge in a sweet heist!

This quirky and playful side of Zoe is endearing and reminds us of the joy in everyday adventures.

Three Genie Wishes:

A new truck

Unlimited tickets to any country concert

To never experience pain again

These wishes highlight Zoe's practical side, her love for country music, and a universal desire for a pain-free existence.

Zoe Paxton is more than just a soccer star—she's a force to be reckoned with both on and off the field. With her unwavering spirit and passion for the game, Zoe brings a unique blend of talent and tenacity to DKCU. So, next time you're cheering on our team, be sure to give a shoutout to Zoe—our defensive dynamo who's always ready to defend our turf with style and grace! ⚽🔥


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