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March is "Banner Drive" Month

Let's get a banner sponsor for every day of March!

DKCU currently offer banner sponsorships displaying your company’s logo on a banner at all first team home games at NIU’s soccer complex. Our goal with this banner drive is to get 31 banner sponsors, one for each day of March.

The cost of the banner is just $250.00 for the 2020 season. Every business that participates in this Banner Drive will receive FREE tickets, be recognized with staff on the field at our 2020 home opener, and get social media recognition!

If you are interested, please contact Ram on 815-616-2742 or

There is no sport that is more community-uniting than the game of soccer. No matter what town you live in, we can gather on Saturday night to support OUR club together. Since founding in 2017, we’ve been working to build a long term sustainable club that can be a positive influence on our residents, our businesses, and especially our youth by providing wholesome role models and soccer opportunities.

DeKalb County United is 100% community funded, so it is YOUR club. All operational expenses are covered through advertising partners, sponsors, ticket sales, merchandise, and soccer related camps/events that we host throughout the year.


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