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Introducing Kassandra Salviola: The Defensive Rock of DKCU

DKCU fans, get ready to welcome back the defensive stalwart, Kassandra Salviola, as she returns to fortify the green and yellow defense for another thrilling season! 🟢💛

Position: Center back

Hometown: Naperville

School / College: North Central

Social Media: Insta: kas_sav

Snapchat: kassandramarie4

Kassandra, the defensive linchpin of DKCU, is back to shut down opposing attacks and keep our goal safe. But what's the story behind Kassandra when she's not blocking shots on the field? Let's uncover some fun facts and intriguing insights about our returning defender!

Why DKCU? "This is my second year now at DKCU, and I chose DKCU because it is a great, fun, and competitive environment that gets me ready for my college season!" - Kassandra's commitment to excellence and love for the competitive atmosphere make DKCU the perfect fit for her!

Dream Destination: N/A – Looks like Kassandra's focused on dominating the field with DKCU rather than dreaming of distant lands!

Pet Peeve: Slow drivers – Kassandra's got places to be and games to win – slow drivers beware of her fierce determination!

Go-To Groove: Noah Kahan – When in doubt, Kassandra turns to the soothing tunes of Noah Kahan to relax and focus before a match!

Dream Dinner Party Guests: Yazmin Martinez – Kassandra's dream dinner party includes some familiar faces from the DKCU family, ensuring a night of laughter and camaraderie!

Spirit Animal: "A dog" – Kassandra's got that loyal and protective spirit, always ready to defend her team's goal with all her might!

Tough Choice: Skin That Changes Color – Kassandra's emotions are reflected in her vibrant personality!

One Food For Life: N/A – Kassandra's adventurous spirit means she's open to enjoying a variety of foods!

Team Jester: Who's the funniest player on the team? Kassandra might have a chuckle with her teammates, sharing inside jokes and moments of levity on and off the field!

Celebrity Crushes: N/A – Kassandra's got her focus on the game, but who knows what the future holds?

Punctuality Check: Early – Kassandra's always on time, ready to give her all for the team!

Karaoke Anthem: N/A – Looks like Kassandra prefers to let her performance on the field do the talking rather than singing karaoke!

Furry Friends: Dog – Kassandra's a loyal companion kind of gal, enjoying the company of her four-legged friends off the field!

Superpower Fantasy: Transportation – Kassandra dreams of being able to go anywhere she wants at any time, ensuring she never misses a match or a moment of excitement!

Alternate Sport: Volleyball – Kassandra's athleticism and competitive spirit would make her a force to be reckoned with on the volleyball court as well!

Invisible Adventures: With her love for sports and a competitive edge, Kassandra's invisible day out would surely involve dominating the courts or fields!

Kassandra's return adds strength and solidity to DKCU's defense, and we can't wait to see her shine on the pitch once again! Let's show her the love and support she deserves as she continues to defend our goal with pride! 🔒⚽ #WelcomeBackKassandra #DKCUFamily


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