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DKCU Are Bringing The Beers!

DeKalb County United is proud to announce a partnership with The Forge Brewhouse for the creation of an official “club beer.”

The opportunity to work with the only DeKalb County brewery on a project like this is not only creative and fun, but it allows us to continue to build our ties within the community. This collaboration is not unique in lower level soccer but it is special for DeKalb County and our club said President John Hall.

Through terms of the partnership, the Forge has already begun brewing a special English Style Pale Ale ESB specifically for the club. Local bars and pubs will have the opportunity to carry the beer on tap while the Forge may offer canned options as well.

Because this is a community club, all season ticket holders will vote on the name of the beer and potential can design in the coming weeks. The final decision will be shared in a special unveiling at the Forge in Sycamore on a date/time to be determined.

A portion of these beer sales will be donated back to DeKalb County United.

“We are very thankful for the support and enthusiasm from JD Heinrich and his team at the Forge. They have embraced this opportunity and we’re excited to see our organizations grow together.”


DeKalb County United Board of Directors


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