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DeKalb County United to continue partnership with Action Consulting and Therapy in 2022.

Action Consulting and Therapy is a responsive mental health group practice, focused on creating individualized client experiences. Action partners with individuals, couples, and families throughout the lifespan to create forward movement through life's many challenges.

Club President John Hall said, "The opportunity to continue this offering for our players and staff is unique to lower league soccer in the US. Having access to a resource that can help address mental health remains a priority for the club. I can't thank Action enough for their support and we look forward to continuing to grow as partners in the coming year."
Action Co-owner Lynette Spencer, LCSW added, "It is our true pleasure to partner with the DKCU organization and provide this service to a group who is balancing family, work, and team responsibilities, among others. I am truly impressed with the club's leadership in prioritizing mental wellbeing."

Action will also host virtual mental health and wellbeing webinars for the team this year - stay tuned for details.

To learn more about Action Consulting and Therapy visit:


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