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Changes In The Board Room

Ramneek Chitkara has been named Vice President of DeKalb County United Soccer Club. Ram has volunteered for the club since 2018 and joined the Board as a Director in 2019. He moves into the Vice President role effective immediately.

Club President John Hall said, "Ramneek has shown a great commitment to the club and our community. He brings an unmatched energy to our group. He is a tremendously caring person who puts people's needs about his own and that belief in service fits in well with our organization. Ram has an ability to engage people and communicate in a way that is very welcoming and I'm excited to see this opportunity for him and for the club."

Ram commented, "Thanks for the kind words, Prez! To be a part of an organization at this caliber, now that's exciting! Since joining in 2018, the strides this club has made is something special to watch. The amount of support we receive each year from the fans and our sponsors who have become our fans is the definition of "More Than a Soccer Club.” As I get situated into this new role, I look forward to more community events, meeting new faces, and assisting wherever I’m needed. 2023 is going to be special! #ICANTHEARYOU"

The VP role was vacated in December when Morgan Garcia stepped down from the position to take a role with Berber City FC in Chicago. She was an integral part of operations since 2019 and served the club well in numerous capacities. We thank her for her service to DKCU and wish her much success moving forward (unless Berber comes to DeKalb County.)


DeKalb County United is a high level amateur soccer club. Founded in 2017, DKCU is a non profit 501c4 volunteer run organization committed to uniting our community through soccer. With men's and women's teams and in partnership with a full youth academy, the club looks to provide our supporters with a fantastic match day atmosphere at NIU while providing DeKalb County businesses and organizations with support through our joint-fundraising efforts, engagement and marketing to promote local initiatives.

DKCU is 100% community funded through memberships, sponsors, ticket sales and outreach events hosted by the club. More information can be found at


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