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For starters, soccer is a beautiful sport and it’s about time that it takes over the US. Will it happen in the next 10 years? Who knows, but for a lot of us it was the first ‘competitive’ sport we played as children.

Raise your hand if your father hated soccer. It wasn’t his game, but it was our first taste of success and failure. Sure we all moved on to bigger and better things, maybe, but here comes DKCU. A solid grassroots team representing our county and community.

DKCU is DeKalb County’s UPSL team and their hard work deserves our support.

Here’s a few things they have going for them:

  • Beautiful Website

  • The Badge

  • Sweet Merchandise (AKA Merch)

  • Awesome social media presence (especially Twitter)

  • Bad Ass announcers on the PA and Live Streams

  • Dedicated volunteers making everything happen

  • Dedicated players working hard on and off the pitch

  • Newly formed U23 team

  • Women’s team entering the mix in 2020

  • $5 buys you 90 minutes of entertainment

  • They have their own beer! (815brewnited )

  • They are non-profit

  • They love what they do

And it is all here in DeKalb County!

Do I make every home game? No. But my son and I try. Gradually the fan base is getting bigger. It’s Okay to be a casual fan. Just be a fan. Be a supporter. They’re representing all of DeKalb County.

We’re lucky to have them.

Brian Tobin ( @ilfastpitch )

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