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Sophie Hein: Adding Firepower to DKCU's Attack

Hey DKCU fans, get ready to welcome our dynamic forward, Soph Hein, as she joins the green and yellow squad! 🟢💛

Position: Forward

Hometown: St. Charles

College: North Central College

Social Media: Insta: @sophiaheinn

Snapchat: @ssoopphhiiaa

Affectionately known as "Soph," Hein is here to dazzle us with her skills on the field. But what's the lowdown on Soph when she's not scoring goals? Let's uncover some fun facts and quirky insights about our new striker!


"DKCU is a great place for me to grow in my abilities because of the amazing support systems from the coaches and the players. Every game and practice is competitive and fun; it is a great team to be a part of to be better each summer." - Soph's commitment to growth and teamwork makes her a valuable addition to the squad!

Dream Destination:

Hogwarts – Looks like Soph's got a magical spirit ready to cast some spells at the Quidditch pitch! 🧹⚡

Pet Peeve:

Chronic tardiness – Soph's got a keen eye for punctuality!

Go-To Groove:

Taylor Swift – When in doubt, Soph turns up the T-Swizzle tunes!

Dream Dinner Party Guests:

Alexis Bolger, Justin Herbert – Soph's got her sights set on her DKCU family and some sports stars – talk about a star-studded affair!

Spirit Animal:

"A dog" – Soph's got that loyal and playful spirit, ready to chase down victory on the field!

Tough Choice:

Tattoos Appear All Over Your Body – Soph's body tells the story of her adventures and experiences!

One Food For Life:

Chicken tenders – Soph's got a taste for some classic comfort food!

Team Jester:

Who's the funniest player on the team? Soph might have a joke or two up her sleeve – she's full of surprises!

Celebrity Crushes:

Justin Herbert – Soph's got her eyes on the rising stars of the sports world!

Punctuality Check:

Early – Soph's always on time, ready to seize the day!

Karaoke Anthem:

Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood – Soph's got some country flair ready to serenade the crowd!

Furry Friends:

Dog – Looks like Soph's a loyal companion kind of gal!

Superpower Fantasy:

Invisibility – Soph's got that stealthy side, ready to sneak past defenses and score the winning goal!

Alternate Sport:

Gymnastics – Soph's agility and grace make her a natural on the mat as well as the field!

Invisible Adventures:

With her love for gymnastics and a mischievous streak, Soph's invisible day out would surely keep everyone on their toes!

Soph's arrival adds firepower to DKCU's attack, and we can't wait to see her light up the scoreboard! Let's show her the love and support she deserves as she shines on and off the field! 🔥⚽ #WelcomeSoph #DKCUFamily


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