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Pro Training for Soccer Players in Europe: A DKCU and SportsMate360 Partnership

DKCU is proud to announce its partnership with SportsMate360 International Soccer Academy, which aims to provide opportunities for club players to pursue professional development in Europe. The Academy, located just outside Warsaw, Poland, offers a top-notch development center to assist players in their growth. Former DKCU defender Evan Cole from Hillside, IL, went through the process of joining SportsMate360 in Poland and now plays professionally for KS Ursus Warszawa.

According to DKCU President John Hall, SportsMate360 offers a comprehensive program to assist players in their journey toward becoming professional footballers. They provide all-inclusive support, handling everything from work visas and negotiations with clubs to providing individual training opportunities on their campus. Their program focuses on supporting players individually while maximizing their chances of success.

Cole's personal experience with SportsMate360 was exceptional, which led the club to establish a partnership with them. Evan's parents also expressed satisfaction with the care their son received during the transition from the USA to Europe.

Hall emphasized that DKCU aims to assist players and trialists in advancing to the next level of soccer and becoming professionals. The partnership with SportsMate360 serves as a pathway to achieve this goal, and DKCU is excited to explore the opportunities it will bring. The club will continue to foster relationships with organizations and clubs, both domestically and internationally, that align with their values of unity and community service.

In October, SportsMate360 President Gregor Nawrath visited Cesaroni's Cafe in Sycamore for a meeting with DKCU to discuss a potential collaboration.

For more information, visit the website:

DKCU will be conducting tryouts for men's and women's teams in late 2023 or early 2024. Stay updated by visiting


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