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Pre-Game with Local815

We could talk about how awesome DKCU is or how spectacular smoke bombs and noise makers are. We won’t. We’ll let the PA announcer do that.

This time around I want to talk about what to do before the teams take the field. For some clubs there are gorgeous streets and walking paths to utilize in the march from the pub to the match. Here in the middle of NIU campus, not so much. While there are some establishments within walking distance that sell Cajun fried potato salad and 815Brewnited, the pub to match crawl isn’t for everyone just yet.

That leaves us with tailgating. Last year there were several folks that set up shop and hung out before the game, during halftime, and after the game. So what can we do to help improve the pre-game experience? We have some ideas but would love for some input from our fellow fans of DKCU.

Thank you,



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