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Introducing Local 815

Local 815 was formed this winter to add to the game time environment and improve the support for DeKalb County United. We are working to grow and add more involved members. We have a logo designed by Gonzalo Del Rio, a website hosted by a group member, and a Twitter feed you should follow. The basic structure of the group is still a work in progress and we hope to establish formal meetings. Our website is up and changing, but we’ve put up some chants we hope everyone will enjoy. We also added a page for other local soccer teams to follow and support. We’re a large area and hopefully we can shine a light on all the soccer being played in the Local815 area.

We’re ready for the games to start. We don’t yet know, or understand, the rules of tailgating or pyrotechnics. Whatever they may be, we’re ready. I know some of the members want to have flag and/or banner making parties. We’ve started stockpiling noisemakers, air raid sirens, and other horns. We’ve begun pestering our friends and hope to grow the supporters group for our community's team. If you’re interested in joining us in our support of DeKalb County United, and all other soccer played in our area, please follow us on Twitter or register on our website.

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