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Getting to know : Croatian Eagles

Milwaukee. A surprising hotbed of soccer history. Or maybe not, when you consider the history of the city itself. Regardless, this Sunday DKCU make the relatively short trip over the border for the second time in a month, this time to play another storied club, the Croatian Eagles.

The Eagles were founded by Croatian immigrants looking to continue the love affair with the noble game in their new homeland. Indeed, there is an argument that their very name is inspired by their joy at being a part of the United States.

As a part of the fledgling US soccer scene, the Eagles were one of the most successful clubs, right up to the outbreak of WWII.

Today the Eagles call Franklin, to the South of Milwaukee, home, and have done since the 1950s. This coincided with the development of their much heralded youth system, and in the 70s the Eagles were one of the first clubs to sponsor a girl's soccer program.

The Eagles are now a powerhouse within the Midwest soccer scene, and won the National US Open Cup in 2012.


Leave around midday, or earlier if you're tailgating, and take I90 and I43 toward Milwaukee. Exit I43N at exit 54, and take a left on to College Avenue. In 3 miles, turn right onto Tess Corners Dr, before heading straight on to W St Martins Road, then merging on to W Ryan Road. Finally, turn left onto S 76th St, and in half a mile, turn right into the soccer park.


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