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Booth Brothers On The Champions League

Young Mr Martin has asked me to provide a European perspective on the forthcoming Champions League final.

The truth is I am probably not best placed to tell you!

As those who know me, or at least follow me on Facebook or non-DKCU Twitter can testify, my footballing heart lies outside the Premier League, and therefore defacto outside of the Champions League. I'll bore you with the intricacies of all this down the road sometime, but right now it's not important. What it does meant though is that while Brien, Jenn and many others within the DKCU family have had their minds set on this Saturday's festivities, I have barely given it a moment's thought.

In a way, the Champions League Final is something akin to the Superbowl. Certainly from a media perspective. All the sporting outlets will be100% focused on the game. The build-up will be running 24/7, especially with two English clubs playing. Doubtless it would have been even more of a deluge had Arsenal and Chelsea not been playing in the Europa League Final (and whomsoever called it the Puppy/Kitten Bowl needs to have a word with themselves). And we will be told that it is the event that brings us all together as football fans.

If you're reading this, chances are you care about the Premier League, and it is certainly a feather in their cap that these two are gong to be battling it out. But the truth is that it is a rare fan who cares about that. If you're a fan of Newcastle, Man City, hell if you're a fan of pretty much any team that isn't Liverpool or Tottenham, you're watching the game hoping both teams lose. Sure some Arsenal fans will be scousers for the day. And some Man Utd fans will be cheering on Tottenham. But in the main, most of us couldn't care less. Which is why Premier League teams are so closely tied to betting companies. (this may not be true, but it is certainly an interesting conspiracy)

Soccer in America spends a lot of time talking about leagues. People are often eager to compare MLS to Liga MX or the EPL. And I have noticed a tendency to talk in terms of being a "fan" of the Bundeslida, or La Liga. I can't think of anything worse!

Your team is your team. That's it. You may have a fondness for a club for a town you went on holiday to once. You may look for the results of the team where your girlfriend at college came from. But beyond that, the idea of cheering on Leicester because they happen to play in the same league as you is as alien to us as the thought of millions of people watching snooker on the TV is to you guys.

So, to answer your original point, Brien, I would say this. The viewing figures will be great. The football might be great. And I hope everyone who is going to Fatty's has a great time. But I am, honestly, more excited by the prospect of the trip to Milwaukee the next day. DeKalb is my club. Certainly for the summer.


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