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11 Reasons To Support DeKalb County. Or any local soccer club?

When I speak with friends, business partners or even strangers about DeKalb County United I can sometimes see that look in their eyes. "Why should I support YOUR club?" While I work very hard to make sure that this club represents more than just me or the current staff and players, I realized that maybe I can do a better job of explaining just why supporting DKCU is a good idea. It's not my club and there's lots of reasons why you should support it. Here we go...

1. DKCU represents you

Just as this club represents us as staff, it represents you as a community. DeKalb County is a special place where people do special things. We build things. We innovate. We grow. From our logo to our commitment to build the club our way, this club is DeKalb County.

2.Community impact

We do our very best to make a strong positive community impact. To the extent we can, we try to organize events that will connect with youth players and provide positive soccer opportunities for them that they used to have to travel out of town to find. We want to support other soccer organizations. We want to encourage other non profits. We want to celebrate the best our community has to offer.

3.Local 815

In 2020 a new DKCU supporters group has surfaced. This is a relatively small group of super-fans who are anxious for their chance to make an impact on game day. Singing, drums, beer, flags, heckling, celebrating....that's what Local 815 is going to do on game day. Look them up on social media and join them!

4.Players who are committed

There's nothing to watch if we don't have players who are willing to work. Many DKCU players come from this area. Many others make a big commitment to drive here 2, 3, 4 times a week for four months each spring and summer. They spend a lot of time together with no one watching. So when we do take the field for a home game, we want as many people as possible there to celebrate their hard work and push them to victory.

5.Unrivaled access

We make up the rules as we go so that means we can give you access to players, coaches and staff unlike other professional organizations. You wanna meet Coach Gecan before a match, there's a good chance we can make that happen. You want your child to get a picture with a player? Come with me, I'll introduce you. We want you to leave home games and events feeling happy and proud. And we want the kids to leave feeling inspired.

6. Volunteer managed

Our club is managed by a group of volunteers. We do it because we enjoy it, we believe in the mission, we have fun doing it, and we are proud of where we come from. Some of our volunteers, more than half actually, don't even live in DeKalb County. But they spend countless hours working from home, or driving to events, or helping set up, or coordinating activities....all because they care about this club. We aren't professionals and we will make mistakes, but we are doing our best and we're open to your ideas and your vision of the things you want this club to be do and be about.

7. Mission driven

The club is mission driven as most strong organizations are. The mission statement of DKCU is "United Through Soccer." Every decision made comes back to that. Our goal of bringing people together, regardless of town, background, or anything else is met when we see the stands full of people from all walks of life standing and cheering for their club.

8. Non profit

Our club is non profit. When we started it wasn't for status or for tax purposes or anything clever. It was all about intent. This club was never meant to be about bringing profits to any individuals. It was about the spirit of what the club could mean to our community. To this day, we only look to raise funding to support our existence. As was said before, the club that can break even every year can last forever. Only if exist can we impact our community and accomplish our mission.

9. Entertainment

Being at a match should be a good time for families and groups of friends alike. When the weather cooperates we do our best to offer activities, things do to, things to see and good old fashioned wholesome fun.

10.Low Cost and Beer

It's hard to find any sporting event that charges just $5 for tickets and has free parking. Heck, I paid $15 for parking last week to see the Globetrotters at the Convocation Center. DKCU matches are one of the cheapest sporting events you can attend unless you're watching your own kids play somewhere. Season ticket packages are cheap too. Oh, did I mention we have beer at home games?

11. We can't do it without you

Since the beginning this club has been about more than any individual. It's about the meaning. It's about representing. If the day comes when attendance falls and the community tells us through its lack of enthusiasm that the time has come to let DKCU end, then we will. If you don't want it, we won't force it. But to this point, the response has been quite the opposite. We've had dozens of businesses offer support. We've had hundreds of people support by buying season tickets, and thousands through the gates. We can't operate, and won't operate without that support so please keep it up. This is YOUR club. We have no owner, we have no local business mogul bankrolling it. We do our best to give you something to be proud of.

Thanks for being a part of the club and we can't wait to see you out in 2020!

John Hall

DeKalb County United



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