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815 united grounds coffee

You can now support DKCU and local business by drinking coffee!!

We have teamed up with our friends at Barb City Roasters to launch 815 United Grounds.


The 815 blend was specialty customized for DeKalb County United, and consists of five of the top picked single origin beans from across the world: Java, Ethiopian, Sumatra, Costa Rica & Guatemalan.

Each single origin bean adds its own flavor profile of bold, sweet, earthy and citrus notes.

Not only does this blend offer a colorful palate, it also offers a pleasing earthy aroma and is versatile to any brewing process including drip coffee, pour overs, French Press and cold brew, to name a few.

Barb City Roasters is happy to sponsor DeKalb County United in our goal to unite the community.

When you purchase 815 United Grounds, a percentage not only supports DKCU not-for-profit but those in need locally and across the world. BCR will be collaborating with DKCU and sending soccer balls to kids in Africa!

President John Hall said at the launch:

"I was fortunate to meet Abby, Jack and Mark at Barb City Roasters, and their mission-driven coffee business seemed like a perfect fit for us to find a way to work together. They are as passionate about coffee as we are about soccer so I'm thrilled that we can partner with another local business to bring awareness to our organizations while supporting each other."

Buy online today and do your bit for soccer and local business.

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