Youth Partnership Programs

Youth Partnership Programs, or YPPs, connect DeKalb County United to youth soccer programs throughout the county and grow the game of soccer. DKCU will help organizations with critical early developmental soccer skills while providing positive role models within the community. In addition, we will be providing soccer camps, collaborating on training methods/techniques, cross-promoting on events, sharing digital content, providing additional access to special DKCU events, and providing our partnership families/players a local platform to engage with soccer and other members of the community.

Families of YPP organizations will also be given a discount code specific to their club for purchasing season tickets/memberships.

Partnerships like these are critical to accomplishing our goals and uniting our community through soccer. Please reach out to those in charge of your organization for more details on their YPP with DeKalb County United!

DeKalb County United is currently working with other local youth organizations to expand our Youth Partnership Program. If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved please email us at