DeKalb County United is excited to announce the creation of a DKCU Under 23 program for both Men and Women. The DKCU Men’s U23’s will begin play in 2019 and the Women’s Under 23 team will launch for the summer of 2020. It is important to provide opportunity for local players and creating more teams within the club further moves us toward our mission of developing local talent while uniting our community through soccer.  


The Men’s U23 team will allow local players an opportunity to play in the summer during their college off-season from the end of May through July. This will be a shortened season for those players who return home in the summers and travel will be limited to the suburban areas. This team will be “pay to play” with fees consistent to other clubs in the league, and will give our players an opportunity to grow under the umbrella of a true first-team so that they can continue to play beyond age 23.


Blaize Diaz will serve as Director of our Men’s U23 program and will handle day to day business for that team and report to the Board of Directors.  In the coming months we’ll have more details on our U23 program, roster creation, registration details, etc. Players who attend Open Tryouts will have first option to join the U23 team in 2019.