Sat Mar 20th


  • What is DeKalb County United? We are non-for-profit, 100% community funded men's amateur-professional soccer team based out of DeKalb County, Illinois. We also have Men's & Women's U23 sides.

  • What are the age limits? No age restrictions. As the saying goes, if you are good enough, you are old enough. But athletes under the age of 18 need to have the proper waivers signed by a parent/guardian.

  • What is the time commitment? DKCU will train two days a week in the evening with games generally on the weekend, although there is a chance of week-night games. U23s matches tend to be on a week night.

  • What does it cost to play for DKCU? Apart from your tryout fee, virtually everything is paid for i.e. league fees, player fees, training kits, facility rentals etc. You will even get supplemental insurance once registered. We do ask you to purchase your jerseys however. But they are most definitely yours!

  • What is the skill level? The Midwest Premier League (MWPL) is a highly competitive regional league with a wide variety of players such as current college players, recent college players, aspiring professional players, ex-professional players, and highly skilled amateurs. The playing style and physicality is similar to elite college games, but with a professional atmosphere. 

  • What is the travel like? Travel will be limited to the Midwest during the regular season and will depend on our opponents. Any post-season tournament is likely to be nation-wide and we will have more details if and when that time comes.

  • When does the season run? Preseason will start in April with games starting in May and ending in July. Post-season National tournament concludes the 2nd week of August

  • Does it effect my college eligibility? Nope, you will remain NCAA eligible. But we would still encourage you to speak with your coach and/or AD to be sure

U23s FAQs

  • Why did the club add U23 teams? Our intention is for these teams in for player development. We want players who may not quite be ready to make the first team to keep working toward that goal. 

  • Is there a cost for the U23 teams? Yes, U23 players for both men and women's teams will pay a fee. This will range from $150-$200 plus uniform costs.    

  • Where do U23 teams travel to? U23 teams play in northern IL leagues against other clubs from the suburbs.  

  • When is the season? The U23 teams will begin training in late May and games conclude at the end of July. It's a great way to play at a high level during the summer before returning to your college program. evening with games generally on the weekend, although there is a chance of week-night games. U23s matches tend to be on a week night.