Club President John Hall explained the decision to partner with Switching the Field.


"Bringing STF into the club as a partner allows us to offer tons of great opportunities to our community with soccer coaching courses for both beginners and advanced coaches, supplemental training for players and more. As a volunteer managed organization we don't always have the time to create these opportunities ourselves, but with a professional organization assisting in managing, scheduling, registration, and more we can start to make a real impact in terms of developing locally based players for our first team and to collegiate and professional opportunities." 

Switching the Field provides additional value and assistance to your club to help improve your soccer experience and improve the game. Your benefits include easily-accessible, relevant, and enjoyable opportunities to learn and improve yourself, your teams, and your organization.

• Opportunity to provide increased benefits and added value for your players, parents, and coaches
• Opportunity to improve how you operate & grow your club
• Decrease in everyday problems and stress
• Better players and teams

• Opportunity to improve your coaching & effectiveness as a leader
• Opportunity to engage with and learn from the greater soccer community
• Decrease in everyday problems and stress
• Better players and teams

• Better coaches & better soccer experience
• Opportunities for supplemental training and learning experiences

Download a full explanation of all member benefits here

If you have any questions, feel free to email Switching the Field at or DeKalb County United at