Sycamore Pumpkin Parade

Pumpkinfest is more than a Sycamore Festival

On Sunday October 27th DeKalb County United and a number of organizations will walk through downtown Sycamore as part of the Pumpkin Festival. And while the entire weekend is a celebration of the town, and a homecoming for many Sycamore natives, the parade showcases much more.

The parade brings a wide range of businesses, clubs, non profits, sports groups, bands and countless other organizations together in front of thousands in the community. And the attendees and the viewers come from all parts of DeKalb County and beyond.

Our soccer club is proud to be a participant in the parade again this year. We strive to represent all the greatest parts of our community every day, and we look forward to seeing so many familiar faces in the crowd. We are just a small part of all the amazing things that happen here, but we are proud to be part of our community. See you Sunday! For Club and County. #DKCU