Nothing says "I love you" quite like a diamond ring. Or a new saw drill. Or, it turns out, season tickets to the only show in town this summer.


Yes, you could propose on a jumbrotron. Yes, you could hire a plane and fly a banner over their work. But tickets to a soccer match? That's love on a whole other level.


Forget what other people say, you absolutely CAN put a price on love. And that price is $60. A remarkable saving off the regular price. And if your partner doesn't love soccer, they're sure to love that sort of fiscal accumen.


And that price doesn't only bring you season tickets to DKCU, it also gets you two tshirts (his and hers unless otherwise requested). So you can dress to impress wherever you are. And your other half is bound to find you irresistable.


This price is valid for Valentine's Day ONLY. Feb 15th, regular price, and you're running the risk of no special "thank you"  You have been warned.

Valentines Day Couples Ticket Pack

Size 1
Size 2