Start 2020 in style with our brand new, deluxe, limited edition DKCU scarf.


Fashionable, yet practical, with a hint of luxury, this scarf is 100% guaranteed to keep you warm through the oncoming Midwestern winter*, guaranteed to make you irresistable to whichever sex you wish**, and guaranteed to quadruple your life savings***.


Featuring the logos of both 815 Brewnited, and our good friends at The Forge, the scarf marks our arrival in the MWPL, and the next stage of our development as a community club for the whole county.


*when worn with thicker, warmer items of clothing


**when paired with an attractive personality and fitted pants


***when used in association with astute financial planning and a healthy dose of good luck

2020 DeKalb County United Scarf

  • Please note that we will be unable to ship before Thanksgiving