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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

We can finally say that DKCU are National Champions!

Late last night, the world-renowned Lower League Soccer Twitter tournament went down to the wire, and thanks to an enormous effort from some dedicated members of the Corn Crew, DKCU ran out victorious against the #1 seed FC Buffalo of, um, Buffalo.

The Twitter poll required users to chose their favorites in a straight head to head battle, and to get to the Final, DKCU had to battle thru a number of rounds against clubs and their followers across the country.

In the final shake down, with in excess of 2000 votes cast, United won by a mere 15 votes! It really was a heroic effort from all involved, as they sought support from friends and family across the globe, and whilst Cindy Crawford remained deaf to our calls, we were fortunate to get support from employers, sponsors and some huge names and organizations.

The final bracket can be viewed below, and we are indebted to LowerLeagueUSA for putting the whole thing together.

In these times of isolation, it is easy to think of events like this as light-hearted fun and basically meaningless. But at DKCU we are committed to being a part of the community in which we live, and it is the community that keeps us alive, both through the volunteers who do things, and the actual supporters who cheer things. That we were able to get so many people to participate is humbling. That we were able to overturn a club with 7x as many followers is immense. And that we were able to come together as a club to do anything like this is, at this time, is testament to what we are trying to build in this county. We love you DeKalb. And we want you to be as proud of us as we are of you.


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