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Unleash the Soccer Fever: Why a $5 Ticket to Dekalb County United Reigns Supreme

Looking for an affordable, action-packed experience that will leave you breathless? Dekalb County United is the answer! Discover why a $5 ticket to our games outshines anything else in the county. Get ready for unbeatable value, active engagement, vibrant community spirit, local support, and family-friendly entertainment!

Unbeatable Affordability:

Escape the high costs of other activities like escape rooms and bowling. With Dekalb County United, a $5 ticket gives you access to the thrilling world of live soccer. Enjoy the excitement without draining your wallet.

Active Engagement:

Step out of the role of passive spectator and become part of the action! Cheer us on, celebrate every goal, and feel the energy of the crowd. Dekalb County United offers an immersive experience that brings out your inner soccer player.

Vibrant Community Spirit:

Join a passionate community of soccer fans. Dekalb County United connects people of all ages and backgrounds. Experience the camaraderie and shared passion that make our games unforgettable.

Local Support:

By choosing Dekalb County United, you support local athletes and nurture the growth of soccer in our community. Your $5 ticket becomes an investment in the development of local talent.

Family-Friendly Fun:

Treat your loved ones to an affordable and thrilling family outing. With $5 tickets, Dekalb County United offers an unforgettable experience for all ages. Create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds.


Don't miss out on the unbeatable value of a $5 ticket to Dekalb County United soccer games. Experience the thrill of live soccer, active engagement, vibrant community spirit, and support for local talent. Choose Dekalb County United and prepare for a soccer adventure that will leave you wanting more!


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