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Meet Skupa: Bringing Midfield Magic to DKCU

Hey DKCU fans, get ready to welcome back the midfield maestro, Haley Skupa, affectionately known as Skupa, as she rejoins the green and yellow squad for another thrilling season! 🟢💛

Position: Center midfield

Hometown: Batavia, IL

College: University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Social Media: Insta: haleyskupa

Twitter: @haleyskupa

Snapchat: @hskupa

Skupa, the engine of DKCU's midfield, is back to orchestrate play and set the tempo on the field. But what's the scoop on Skupa when she's not bossing the midfield? Let's uncover some fun facts and intriguing insights about our returning playmaker!

Why DKCU? "At DKCU, I play with teammates that I played with back when we were kids, which is super fun to see how much everyone has grown and continued playing. I love how the club is such a close community, and it is my favorite part of the summer when I get to play!" - Skupa's love for the game and the tight-knit community at DKCU make it her favorite place to be during the summer!

Dream Destination: N/A – Looks like Skupa's happy right where she is, making plays on the field with her DKCU family!

Pet Peeve: Walking slow – Skupa's got places to be and goals to score – slow walkers beware!

Go-To Groove: Morgan Wallen or Khalid – When in doubt, Skupa turns up the tunes of Morgan Wallen or Khalid to get in the zone!

Dream Dinner Party Guests: Jennifer Aniston, Jurgen Klopp, Ted Lasso – Skupa's dream dinner party includes some Hollywood and soccer royalty, ensuring a night of laughter and memorable conversations!

Spirit Animal: "A dog" – Skupa's got that loyal and playful spirit, always ready to chase down victory on the field!

Tough Choice: Skin That Changes Color – Skupa wears her emotions on her sleeve, or rather, on her skin!

One Food For Life: Yogurt with strawberries – Skupa's got a taste for some refreshing and healthy treats!

Team Jester: Who's the funniest player on the team? Skupa might have a chuckle or two with Alexis Bolger!

Celebrity Crushes: Alexis Bolger, Jude Bellingham – Skupa's got an eye for talent both on and off the field!

Punctuality Check: Early – Skupa's always on time, ready to seize the day!

Karaoke Anthem: Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson – Skupa's got some serious pipes and isn't afraid to belt out a classic karaoke hit!

Furry Friends: Dog – Looks like Skupa's a loyal companion kind of gal!

Superpower Fantasy: Teleporting – Skupa dreams of teleporting to travel more places and catch some extra Z's in the morning!

Alternate Sport: Basketball – Skupa's athleticism and competitive spirit make her a natural on the basketball court as well!

Invisible Adventures: With her love for sports and a competitive edge, Skupa's invisible day out would surely involve dominating the courts or fields!

Skupa's return adds flair and creativity to DKCU's midfield, and we can't wait to see her work her magic on the pitch once again! Let's show her the love and support she deserves as she continues to shine brightly for our team! 🔥⚽ #WelcomeBackSkupa #DKCUFamily


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