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Gracie Returns: The Heartbeat of DKCU's Midfield

Hey DKCU faithful, get ready to welcome back a fan favorite – Gracie Wingfield is back in green and yellow! 🎉

Position: Midfielder

Hometown: Long Grove, IL

College: Northern Illinois University

Social Media: Insta: @Gracie.Wingfield

Twitter: @WingfieldGracie

Grace, affectionately known as "Gracie" by fans, brings her A-game to the midfield once again. But what makes her tick when she's not tearing up the pitch? Let's delve into some fun facts and quirky questions to catch up with our midfield maestro!


"I love playing competitively with such a great community around me!" - Gracie's passion for the game and the DKCU family is what keeps her coming back for more!

Dream Destination:

Hogwarts – Looks like Gracie's got that magical spirit too! 🪄✨

Pet Peeve:

Biting nails – Gracie's got an eye for those pesky habits!

Go-To Groove:

Drake – When in doubt, Gracie turns to the beats of Drake!

Dream Dinner Party Guests:

N/A – Gracie's got her sights set on the present company – and we're thrilled she's back with us!

Spirit Animal:

"A dolphin because I love to swim and the ocean!" - Gracie's got that aquatic grace and spirit!

Tough Choice:

Skin That Changes Color – Gracie's emotions are her palette!

One Food For Life:

Oreos – Looks like Gracie's got a sweet tooth that can't be tamed!

Team Jester:

Who's the funniest player on the team? Gracie might have a joke or two up her sleeve – she's full of surprises!

Celebrity Crushes:

N/A – Gracie's got her focus on the game, but who knows what the future holds?

Punctuality Check:

Early – Gracie's never one to keep the team waiting!

Karaoke Anthem:

N/A – Looks like Gracie prefers to let her feet do the talking on the pitch!

Furry Friends:

Dog – Looks like Gracie's a loyal companion kind of gal too!

Superpower Fantasy:

To Teleport – Gracie's got that wanderlust spirit, ready to explore the world without the hassle of travel!

Alternate Sport:

Basketball – Gracie's got skills on the court as well as the field!

Invisible Adventures:

Gracie's got a sweet tooth and a love for shopping – sounds like the perfect invisible day out!

Gracie's return brings a wave of excitement and anticipation to DKCU – let's show her the love and support she deserves as she continues to make her mark on the team and in our hearts! 💙⚽ #WelcomeBackGracie #DKCUFamily


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